Media and reality – a little insight most readers will be aware that especially the politics of euphemisms like verschleiernder uses. Educate yourself with thoughts from Bobby Sharma Bluestone. “” Instead of a war, it is rather of humanitarian intervention”spoken, the torture method is called better alternative interrogation” and the Minister of war better Secretary of Defense “. Politicians know that we create realities when speaking. Even if this constructed reality, not a true representation of the actual reality is, in most people’s minds she attaches itself anyway. Therefore, politicians try so to speak, that they create only pleasant and wholesome realities.

The journalists in the game here. Their task is to detect whether the terms that are related by the representatives of the people are so true, or whether they serve only the palliative inter alia. Otherwise, the media are only to the extended arm of the policy and help to construct a false reality. That the journalists here often fail, you can observe daily in the media. A recent example is the military agreement between France and the United Kingdom.

Both countries have agreed on closer cooperation in military affairs. You want such as Cooperate in the nuclear weapons research, enable easier collaboration of its defence markets or in the future military satellite communications to support each other. The official title called the results of the negotiations: “Declaration on Defence and Security Co-operation.” And what do the media out of it? The French like to take over the reassuring message of a Verteidigunskooperation “.” Accord historique de Cooperation en terme de defense “headlines Le Parisien, Les Echos writes: Defense: Paris et Londres signent un accord historique.” The Spanish and Italian prefer to speak of a military cooperation. Corriere della Serra headlines: Cooperazione Militare “and El Pais thinks: tratado de Cooperacion militar”. The German media seem also not on the premise of the defense to believe, probably because this time is not about their own country. Mirror online speaks of a military alliance”, the FAZ of a military agreement”and time online by a military pact”. Well, so different realities can be. wortschau.NET