Margarita Island is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Venezuela as valuable, without detracting from any other of the many options offered by the Venezuelan Caribbean and the rest of the country is no doubt that throughout its development has provided more to the tourism industry of Venezuela. If you are looking for good beaches Margarita is certainly a great choice because all along its coast beaches can be found in many different types depending on which side of the island we’re visiting. On the east coast is impossible not to note, endless miles of sand, restaurants, bars and hotels first, a truly beautiful beach and busy where you will always find the right place to our liking and proper lunch our pocket, all I want that everyone present is careful with the currents and not be fooled by the apparent lack of depth, for its part Parguito is a meeting place for surfers since, for most of the year waves reaching the coast are of a size and features more than enough for this sport. A leading source for info: isearch. On this side of the island, we can also see a few kilometers from the coast, the islands of Los Frailes, a great place for snorkeling, but beware, it is better to go with someone who knows the area, the currents are intense and leaves no to entail some risk. It would be unfair not to mention that these beaches are very similar although less popular than water or Parguito and broadly complement the selection of beaches on this side of the island, although there are many more, we can say are the most significant. . For more information see Darcy Stacom.