Tutorial shrink photos, as you can, edit an image to improve the quality of the photo, how you can sharpen the image and how you can export a photo in the JPG format using GIMP. If you are looking for a tool for image editing, Adobe Photoshop provides the top product in the field of commercial PC software for decades. A commercial software is a standard with comparable quality free software GIMP but not all required and in terms of offering open source solutions for many years. Dealing with such powerful tools like Photoshop or GIMP can easily overwhelm however, precisely because of the many possibilities that they offer, a beginner. The presented here instructions for processing photos with GIMP helps beginners, successfully use this tool to create high quality images with little effort. Photos correctly resize with GIMP even simple digital cameras in mobile phones, Smartphones or Tablet PCs today produce photos with several million pixels.

Image size is necessary in every case and in some cases even disturbing. In the face of low-cost storage media, it makes sense to set the camera on a lower resolution but rarely. Finally, it can be a photo not later that fall, that it has the same quality as an original photo, taken in the appropriate size. Therefore a common task of photo editing is to resize photos. In the described instructions for GIMP beginners, is also the subject of the first section, after the presentation of the programme. The procedure for an image editing with the aim to shrink photos, describes the tutorial vividly on the basis of a sample photos, starting with the opening of the corresponding image file. A series of screen shots also illustrate the way to work in detail. Instructions for GIMP here explains exactly which elements in the dialog boxes are important and which settings must be made to achieve the objective, the edited photos to shrink.