Ninodja Thaysi Barbalho, a student of the course of long-distance Specialization: Ambient education and Geography of the Half-barren one in a Interdisciplinary Perspective. IFRN/UAB. Peter Asaro s opinions are not widely known. 2010. INTRODUCTION With the increasing advances of science and the technology, the world comes passing for transformations in the different scopes: social, politicians, cultural, educational, amongst others. In day-by-day we come across in them with innumerable medias that, of fast and continuous form, amongst as many possibilities, the propagation and the accumulation of the information contribute for, for the nip of the distances and one better quality of life of the people, propitiating them more pleasure and comfort. As example of these innovations and specifically, of these medias, we have the television, the cinema, the radio and the Internet. This, in turn, came to revolutionize the world-wide society for the innumerable possibilities that it offers: interpersonal communication at a distance, research, entertainment, purchases, sales, culture, knowledge, efetuao of banking transactions, at last, the Internet allows the user to connect itself with the world without leaving house. Another advance conquered through the research effected by Science and the Technology says respect to the sprouting of Artificial Intelligence and the incorporation of this in many eletroeletrnicos equipment that acquires capacities to act or to carry through similar tasks the capacity human being.

Robots capable appear in the market to carry through surgical procedures, domestic tasks; computer games that interact with the player as if were playing with it, amongst other examples. Paradoxicalally, nor all the people have access to these technologies, although great investments to be made for great industries and agencies for the development of the research and the manufacture of these products. However, we cannot say the same of the computers, cellular, TV? s, MP3, MP4, play station, oven of microwaves, amongst as many infinities of electro-electronic devices that they had invaded our daily one and to each day it comes if popularizing (thanks to competitiveness).