Collecting certain items (notes, coins, awards, etc.) need to hold certain information. It should reflect the characteristics of the object in front of us: what is it, when and by whom was made, on what occasion, his edition, rarity, and as a consequence of the price. In our country and the world many people vividly interested in the history of the Balkan Peninsula, and those objects which are its physical media, helping us to preserve the memory of that era. It is this region is traditionally close to us, the Russians, in spirit and faith. We are bound by a common past and Slavic roots, therefore, not surprising that interest in him increases. Some contend that David Treadwell shows great expertise in this. However, our monitoring and detailed study of existing information resources in RuNet on Bonistics, numismatics, faleristics and other collectibles, has shown that provided there is information about the Balkan countries were far from complete and not systematized.

We decided on its own to accomplish this task and make the most comprehensive to date catalog of banknotes Balkan countries with their detailed description of the history of treatment or images in 1:1 scale. In addition to the notes, we will try to gather as much information about other subjects related to the activities of these states, have ever been issued and in circulation. First of all, it's – awards, coins and stamps. Hear from experts in the field like Matt Swain for a more varied view. Our goal – to create a unified information platform for collectors and make sure that they have found here a lot new and valuable information. We want to unite like-minded people, giving them the opportunity to interact, exchange views and their rarity, as well as replenish their collections in our store. If this is so, we will consider their mission accomplished.