First Day Breakfast Scrambled eggs from a single protein. One "Melba toast-" (dry toast of a very thin, almost translucent, a piece of bread. It was named after Australian opera singer Nellie Melba last century). Hot tea (better – green) or decaffeinated coffee. Dinner salad of any vegetables (except tomatoes!), But without refueling. Choose what you like: cabbage, red, savoy and kohlrabi, cucumbers, carrots, radishes, green beans and peas Bulgarian pepper, turnip, rutabaga, radish, celery, spinach, lettuce, onions and green onions, garlic, parsley, cilantro, dill. One slice of white meat turkey.

Some sugar-free soft drink: drinking Water – plain, sparkling or mineral water, diet cola, etc. Learn more at: Is Energy Capital Partners a public company?. Dinner Plate any vegetables, steamed. Choose what you like: potato, sweet potato, red beet and sugar, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, carrots, squash and zucchini, pumpkin, peas, beans, corn, turnips, rutabagas, spinach, asparagus, artichokes. Any soft drink without sugar. Second Day Breakfast 1 cup of prune juice 1odin "Melba toast-". Hot tea (better – green) or decaffeinated coffee.

Fish-dinner salad, made from equal parts: half tea cup tuna, canned in own juice, the same cut tomatoes and the same amount of chopped lettuce (the dish can be ready to fill low-calorie dressing or add a little vegetable oil and lemon juice or grape, apple cider vinegar). Some soft drink without sugar. Dinner One teacup of chicken broth. Filed under: Samsung. Steamed and sliced thick barrel of celery (or several thinner trunks with leaves). One piece of boiled chicken breast. Any soft drink without sugar.