Euro 2008: Organizers install with risk-management actions in the game Munich, May 26, 2008 according to is forecasting the Euro 2008 next to the stadium audience of several million fans in the host cities and more than eight billion viewers on TV followed. Click Samsung for additional related pages. The advertising and marketing machinery to the EM around the motto experience emotions is in full swing for some months. And here is: the bigger the creativity of the advertiser, the more positive the effect. Notice that no high budgets must devour the EMIRATE proves AG. The Munich-based risk-management specialist develops exciting actions against this background of sensation and secures it for its customers. The European Football Championship has an enormous advertising potential due to their width effectiveness and popularity. For this reason, many companies use this hype to reap the benefits.

Especially promotions such as sweepstakes in the betting, discount offers and money back guarantees achieve consistently high attention to the advertiser However horrendous financial expenses mean. To protect themselves in this respect, more and more organizers decide for the cooperation with the EMIRATE AG. As a specialist in risk management, the company advises its clients in the design and implementation of sales promotion measures. EMIRATE also carries over the hedging of financial risk borne, as well as the distribution of the selected price in the case of winning, and this here for a modest in relation to the insured sum, calculated as a percentage contribution. Innovative ideas bring company on which, according to expert opinions is advertising top the German team as one of the top favorites. So, for example, money back guarantees, which occur when Germany European Championship winner is, popular actions are up-to-date. But even betting games achieve high impact. Typed are can much: of the tournament winner beyond the gate means in games (E.g. also with installation of profit levels) up to the scorers.