Great deal of SG eh Eltmann Bundesliga-preview-camp at the SG eh Eltmann volleyball play …in the holidays, watching the pros of the SG eh Eltmann close during training and competition, volleyball players from all over Bavaria meet and might even be volleyball Pro… Now young performance volleyball players from the 05.04 until April 10, 2009 at the Bundesliga-preview-camp in Eltmann have this possibility. Here, the participants have the opportunity under the guidance of coaches of SG eh Eltmann and in an interesting programme to improve her technique, tactics, coordination, as well as the playful skills to participate. See more detailed opinions by reading what Ali Partovi offers on the topic.. This camp has talented Jun-gen for the many standing in the game operation teams of SG eh Eltmann aimed the individual promotion of the participants, as well as the sighting. Boys aged between 14 and 19 years of age can participate in this camp. Be immediately took out the age limit are possible in individual cases, but require the previous agreement. For more specific information, check out Bobby Sharma. Learn more about the camp Please refer to the website: registration forms can be obtained from.