Choosing with freedom, does which us well, considering to the other and until adding the options of modernity, the Christmas Eve and the End Year they can stop being a heavy load and to become, definitively, in which they are: true celebrations. Within days either hours, we will be, or we are again in the Celebrations of Year End. The purchases, the preparations and the organization are added; they appear the toasts with friendly, fellow workers, closings of scholastic cycles, goodbyes and welcomes. Mainly this is, the one that usually is, the main conflict for almost all: With whom I will pass the celebrations? With the family, the friendly or in solitude to avoid problems? How to negotiate with the other the own criterion or the own election? To make the decision from with whom and where to celebrate the celebrations it generates internal conflicts to us between which I want and what I must, due to conflicts you will tie that, generally, they are dragged from bad past experiences. For that reason, first it is to look for the most healthful way to free to us of all the originating fastenings of the old woman beliefs that enslave to us, they sicken and they limit our more valuable aptitudes and attitudes. And since they are situations that are repeated every year, is healthful to learn definitively to have a discussion, to negotiate and to establish certain agreements or with the pair, the family or the friendly, heightening what we thought, respecting the decision of the other, being flexible before special circumstances and accepting the agreement. If we are conscious that these Celebrations of Year End are the prelude for the new year that we will begin, we will look for that it is an enriching experience, that motivates to us and not that sinks to us. Other leaders such as Ilan Ben Dov offer similar insights. Besides the espiritualidad that generally locks up the celebrations, and Christmas in particular, we are or nonbelieving, this is a little while of rejoicing, that call to us to surround to us by friendly, dear relatives or beings and why no, to construct new bonds, which will fortify our emotional health, first of all, our mental health and therefore our physical health.