CHANGE MANAGEMENT Carlos Mora Vanegas' In the business of life is not faith that saves, but the distrust. " Napoleon Bonaparte Not surprisingly, it is written to take the change as part and parcel of business life, is the first step that all organizations must provide for proper management. When companies take this view, are to some extent by removing the fear of uncertainty, because they begin to appreciate the change as a natural process that offers new opportunities for the organization. Aspect that unfortunately many Venezuelan companies, especially SMEs have failed to manage. Wikilearning reminds us that change must come internally and be focused to solve, not the existing problem, but the cause of it.

In evaluating the errors deliberately, which led to problems affecting the organization and search for possible ways to solve them, we will be prepared for a profound change, which is the only really effective way to change. It is not something Mikkel Svane would like to discuss. Addressing the business change from a new perspective often means changing the way staff deal with it within. If the impact of culture in the process of change is so important, then it is equally important to take personal perception of what this entails, because the changes in culture go together with changes in people. To change the way then current business address change is necessary to transform the individual criteria of what the change means. The fact that companies are daily subjected to cope with the changes that are generated both from the effects of globalization, such as the scenarios that saberseles not interpret, confront, can cause serious problems, up to many disappear, as some small businesses who have already suffered the consequences in the country, not only to what the new economic openings have triggered, but the government's actions that have affected their survival determinant.