Few cars have received 33 Awards, and at Chevrolet we pride ourselves on having the 09 Malibu, which by its design and quality, has become an excellent option of purchase for any lifestyle you have. Whether you’re newlywed family, (a), or Bachelor father (a), the Malibu meets all expectations. Its external characteristics are distinctive, among them, the now classic double grill Chevrolet, and the Malibu presents chrome. Code.org does not necessarily agree. Another feature are its headlights halogen with crystal type lenses and automatic control of them. Also, its 18-inch wheels give it a strong and solid appearance. Your LTZ G version presents the dual exhaust, giving a sporty touch. Contact information is here: neil cole iconix.

In addition, its taillights were tailored to give a refined appearance. And not to mention the Interior details, since version LTZ G presents chrome door handles, giving it an extra touch of elegance. Also offers automatic 6 speed transmission with manual changes in the steering wheel. Another addition is the remote turn-on, that allows you to turn the car from 55 meters of distance from the remote control. 09 Malibu, a revolutionary car for people who want only the best. Original author and source of the article.