Another part of the Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit was very beautiful, in this respect the developers did their best. More information is housed here: Mikkel Svane. Highways pass through the deserts, coastal areas, mountain valleys. After every turn we are waiting for another masterpiece. Change time of day and weather brings pros and cons of the game. For example, on a sunny day car lot to manage than the rain, it becomes harder to take sharp turns. Despite the fact that the number of runs is not very large, they have a lot of cutoffs, and not all are marked on the map.

True, Cut scattered obstacles, and sometimes even better to drive on the highway than to try not to lose speed on complicated primers. Management is quite usual for the genre of arcade racing. The car is very easy to put in the bank, it is enough to slow down a bit. We have a nitro, which is replenished by driving lane of oncoming traffic, slip-stream, avoiding a collision. The game was announced online, ie Need For Speev in soon may become a representative of the class: client online games. From the very beginning of his career there are 2 types of races: the game for the street racer and the police. Street racers have in their arsenal strip with spikes, the EMP gun and suppressor, which is able to block electromagnetic radiation from the police.

The police also, in addition to spikes and electromagnetic radiation, can cause the helicopter and ordered the overlap of the road. For victory in the race from riders and the police open up new machines. And this as a simple foreign-made cars and cool supercars. Artificial Intelligence opponents a little disappointed. In the first races they are specifically shed speed before the finish, and further reverse pass all the turns like a pro, especially without losing speed. Perhaps this is the main flaw of developers, because of this unfair for AI, the race quickly bored, and tuning the game just is not enough. In general, the computer game Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit game is pretty not bad, but not last more than a week or two.