Computer hardware part 4: Introduction to binary number 2 to the end of the last article may have wondered some people: why only 0 and 1 if you can represent but as of 0 .1V to 1V in 0.1 increments equal to 10 digits? Quite so easy to handle, unfortunately not is the electronics. The semiconductors in computers have the disadvantage that the voltage that arrives at the end of the line, the voltage is not linear, that is at the beginning. Simply, one can say: the lines are slow, so that the receiver can never just say, specifies what voltage the transmitter at exactly this time. Only after a while, the applied voltage is everywhere”to measure. In fact, this inertia is divided into 3 sections: first, the voltage rises slowly, then quickly, and finally slowly, until the end voltage is reached. The whole thing is of course to look at the current frequency in MHz or GHz range, because at low frequencies, this inertia not so much in the weight falls. Although it is also now possible to measure these differences and to be expected, but error must still be intercepted and corrected, which means in the worst case, that the signals have a much longer term.

You can escape this problem with the binary system. Also added a large tolerance: one operates a circuit including 3V battery, so you can set limits. A voltage of 0V to 0,8V could then for a 0 “stand while 2,2V to 3V of a 1” could match. The values in between are undefined, so that there is no common border. More or less equivalent to the “medium-sized” part, where the voltage is already changing fast. The areas in which the 0 “or 1” apply, increase the reliability of the circuit. These tolerances prevent a misinterpretation by the electronics. The more tolerant circuits, the cheaper can it be produced.

Finally, we want to get Yes affordable computer offered. For this reason all information such as pictures, videos, music, represented in the computer etc. as a sequence of zeros and ones. In the next article, an invoice between binary and decimal is performed then as an example. To do this, there are many other ways which are easier, but not so well highlight the meaning behind it. It requires only a brief search on the Internet.