To work in a Call to center or a Contact Center like Asellerator, seems a easy work, but it is not it thus. Unless one is one of the old woman systems of half-full of the last century, that even subsist in many places of the Third World, which are only divisions forming cabins, with a telephone and sometimes a computer: Paper in hand and pencil and supervisor type overseer shouting and giving breath to the best salesmen. The world changed, for always. The era of the communications is here. Today a center of contact or call to center is of high tech and their tools, although they make the action of the agent or telemarketer pleasant, also demand of him, concentration and made an effort work.

The control systems of software modern produce metric of the work; it is as well as first that they control is the efficiency of the agent, understanding in it the fact that they cross all the base assigned in out bound, according to the average standard or of the campaign. Thus, if to telemarketers or agent one assigns 150 calls to him of 2,5 minutes average in its daily turn, will say that it reached the 100% of efficiency, when it finishes realising this amount of calls, independent of the result of the same . But this is only the first control. Others like the effectiveness, the effectiveness, the quality of the management, the times average, the calidez of the voice, the disposition to the service, the pursuit of the protocols and scripts come, etc., etc. Only made handle a computer capably, to digitar without seeing the keyboard, having a high capacity of concentration, knowledge to listen correctly, not to get tired themselves seeing the screen, to assume claustrofobia of the cabin and to support the shattering pressure of true contact to center like the Asellerator, he is really something more complicated than it seems at first sight. It requires of a process of qualification and another one of training, discharges dose of concentration and many desires of overcoming. We are not speaking of the operators of long ago, but of true experts in remote marketing, that is to say telemarketers. All a profession.

The profession of the future. You are really preparation to assume resemblance challenge. If he wishes to know more on these subjects he conctese to.