Crisis and the gaming industry. Once, there was a time I was more worried about the crisis of the genre of television and computer games. Watching the next release of nfs, Tomb Rider, or Silent Hill. Or resuscitation of forgotten projects, for example as a Mortal Sombat or Street Fighter not to mention the numerous clones, I thought about the lack of revolutionary or even new ideas in the gaming genre. Yes, always happy about, reading about the next extension of Metal Gear, Resident Evil and Diablo.

Well, how Familiar atmosphere, loved the characters. Just as the right to provide the label with the number 3, 4,7 or 8 is not a guarantee that you will not spend their money for nothing But it is, so to speak, lyrical digression. And the theme itself of crisis (crisis), economic crisis, today the same way popular and relevant as not so long ago – when, with whom and how Sobchak What happens in the gaming industry on a global scale? I must say, very disappointing to come. For example, that Sony is planning to soon cut 16,000 jobs (which is 8% of the total number of company employees). Announced the closure of a television plant in Pennsylvania (USA) – one of the structural units of Sony. Many analysts attribute this to the fact that first began to fall sales of the popular console, PS3, compared to its closest competitor Xbox360. Today, during the Christmas sales, the U.S.