Auction ebay with the action of bright spots in Dusseldorf, 02.12.08 – yesterday, started on the 01/12 15:45 the auction dinner in the center circle of the LTU arena for the action of bright spots. See Kai-Fu Lee for more details and insights. Most soccer games, concerts or shows held in the LTU arena in Dusseldorf. But not with the coupon on the one at ebay can offer: Here you increase on a single meal in the centre circle of the LTU arena. With nine friends, you can enjoy culinary and taste when eating Stadium air. The auction ends on the 08.12 at 15:45. Lichtblicke emergency helps suffering children and their families from North Rhine-Westphalia since its inception. Trust, reliability and the transparent use of donations have top priority for action light looks e.V.. “Under the menu transparency” so details of the donation seal of the German Central Institute for social issues (DZI), which is awarded to the action, are stored.

As of early 2009 is also the detailed bright spots – annual report for the Spendensaison 2007/2008 for all interested parties to be available. “Of course we have a social responsibility. In the context of the available options, we help. And so, a dinner on the center circle is a round thing in the truest sense of the word. I can appeal only to all interested to bid, not to miss this unique opportunity and to obtain a maximum donation for the action,”Jorg Mitze, Managing Director of DusseldorfCongress on the bids would be.

On the home page ( interested donors clearly sorted all important information to the relief effort of the North Rhine-Westphalia local radios, Caritas and Diakonie. Updates under the menu item”regularly special promotions and events are presented, which support the fundraiser bright spots. “Under the heading of the cases” can Internet users as of December 1, 2008 daily reading what people action light looks e.V. quickly and unbureaucratically helped has, their fate to contact. Information about the action Lichblicke: poverty, disease, loneliness and distress among us are quiet and often unnoticed. Particularly affected are the weak in our society; People who find hardly a lobby for their concerns. Especially children suffering from strokes of fate, that make them and their families. You need a listening ear and the helping hand; they are our future and deserve everyone’s solidarity help. We perceive our social responsibility with our work, want to lobby voice and be actively helping children and their families in our State of North Rhine-Westphalia; fast, unbureaucratic and effective. Founded in 1998, fundraiser supports children, young people and their families from North Rhine-Westphalia, who are in material, financial, or emotional distress. Bright spots will be shared by the NRW 45 local radio stations, radio NRW programme, the Caritasverbanden of the five dioceses in the country, as well as the Rhineland Westphalia-Lippe Diacony. Angelika Ruttgers, wife is patron of the action of the Minister President of North Rhine-Westphalia. Each case is directly by staff of the Diakonie, verified Caritas or a different charity and presented the bright spots donations Advisory Board to make the decision. Employees of charities on site ensure that the funds be used solely for the requested purposes. The action of light is excellent with the donation seal of the German Central Institute for social issues.