A computer name is a friendly name that is attributed to the address of the computer to identify it as one host TCP/IP. Thus, the resolution of names is the process of attainment of address IP associated with the name of the computer, Microsoft (2003, p 4). In environment of Microsoft net the name of host can have up to 255 characters and can contain alphanumeric characters, hfens and points. The two more common forms of names of hosts as Microsoft (2005) are: you unite and domain names. ' ' Alias' ' , nickname, is an only name associated with an address IP. Already a domain name is structuralized to be used in the Internet and contains points and separators. In the first case and Microsoft nets, you unite, the main protocol of resolution of names used is NetBios In as, the large-scale used protocol is the DNS, that in the vision of Sousa (2009, P.

136) is the system of translation of domnios (www) for its respective addresses IP that pass through in the net; addresses IP are in tables in data base in servers DNS. The DNS manages and translates names of the domnios edu, .net; .gov; .mil. The definition of mechanisms of resolution of names is required, therefore for the users of computers it is more easy to remember names that of numbers. Soon, cmodo more becomes to have access the resources for the name of what to type one accumulated of difficult numbers to memorize. 3.NETBIOS According to RFC 1001? Request For Comments (1987) the Netbios or NetBEUI was created by IBM to be used for group of computers that are in the same domain of broadcast. The Netbios application possesss mechanism of localization of resources, establishment of connection, sending and act of receiving of data, finishing of the connection and in relation to conceptual model OSI the Netbios is enclosed in the layer of transports and session.