Within education for dogs, we were with the most common meaning that she is the one to teach tricks to him to amuse to us or that they are to us of utility, like bringing the newspaper, making the muertito; but we cannot stop mentioning that one corrective education: what to do when we have a dog that we cannot control? Of the annoying habits that we found in an animal, soiling where it does not correspond, to damage furniture, clothes or footwear of the family, among others, del that we will take care in this occasion is of the noise. The dogs count much more on developed senses that the humans, can perceive small changes in their surroundings alter that them, following the personality of the dog this can irritate to him too much, and trigger an almost constant bark. A dog that barks all the day uncontrollably can be a problem, and if we have more of a dog we will have noticed that this peculiar (and annoying) effect is contagious, perhaps our neighbors have made it to us notice that is another subject, to have more of a dog than all the day barks is something by the other annoying, safe reader will understand that they need education for dogs. In order to correct this small problem, we can choose to correct simply repressing it the animal whenever it barks, although sounds violent. This has like undesirable effect that the animal is not going to bark when it is necessary, besides being a somewhat primitive technique and does violence to.

The other option in education for dogs is to use a muzzle, that serves to prevent the animal him to bark of uncontrolled way. It is a technique not too violent, that we can apply when the animal puts itself more annoying, of to this we would be repressing it form of nonviolent form. Other devices exist in addition, as for example the famous necklace of I touch, that applies small electrical shocks to the animal when it detects that the decibels of their bark have exceeded certain threshold. It is to observe that it is not recommended to completely inhibit the bark of the animal, the dog becomes inexpressive for everything we would be hurting and it psychologically. Beam click to learn here as I could train dog without to have to leave my house in only short weeks.