Often the concepts of media and technology merge. The media, such as video, computer, overhead projector, etc., Are the products used within a learning system to achieve certain objectives. However, we consider so-called Educational Technology as a complex organization of many elements that are designed to help bring about changes in student behavior by providing the possibility, among other things, greater attention to individual differences. 5 The increasing development of new information technologies has led to educational systems undergo changes to adapt to a society in a state of flux, with new values and needs. These changes, specifically: 1. Move the interest of teaching to learning.2. The teacher's role to guide and exhibitor ultimately as media manager.

3. Moving from a culture based on the book and the text to a multimedia culture. 4. The mismatch of education (in time and space). (All we can learn at different times and in different places. 5 Currently the number of teachers who are concerned about how to make more efficient use of ICT and make good use of its advantages is growing by leaps and bounds. The following is analysis of its major strengths: 7 – Interest. Motivation.

Students are highly motivated to use ICT resources, motivation makes students spend more time working and, therefore, are likely to learn more. -Increased communication between teachers and students. The communication channels provided by the Internet (email, forums, chat …) facilitate contact between students and teachers. -Search skill development and selection of information. The large volume of information available, it requires the implementation of techniques that help locating the information you need and its assessment – Display of simulations.