In an Excel spread sheet, it is easy to calculate the fashion of a set of numerical values. Fashion, you knows, is the figure statistics that indicates the number that more is happened again in a sample. In excel, instead of using the name FASHION, that would be the correct one, is used it function WAY? incorrect translation, in this context, of English MODE. To calculate the fashion, it uses a formula thus: =Modo (A1: C4) In the case, A1: C4 is the region that contains the cells with the desired values. If it will not have repeated values, the result will be an error of the type #N/D (not available). If it will have a modal value more than, the fashion will be the minor. In the sequncia of four numbers 3,3,10,10, the fashion is 3, that it is the lesser value. More tips of Excel in: One I hug! Odair Rasps