6 Steps to administer to My Time 1RO: you are going to require to have available elements to write (it is necessary): pencil, ball-point pen, paper, computer, pda, electronic agenda, etc. 2NDO: it separates minutes to evaluate of what your week is made up (work, responsibilities in the home, voluntary service, church, etc.) and escrbelo 3RO: it identifies your priorities, asgnale numbers in sequence of importance 4TO: to these you are going them priorities to list in 2 categories – productive time and recreational time – Designs your DAILY MAP 5TO: it identifies in your days the hours of productive tasks and those of recreational tasks, it enumerates of your list of priorities that were categorisen those that goes according to one of them (some responsibilities of daily priority are like the work, others have minor frequency). You do east analysis for the 7 days of the week and thus you distribute your interests (recommended). It establishes a fixed time for REST (6 to 7 hours of dream) and considers to include the category of MISCELLANEOUS (for example, to lead of the home to your work and of return to the home) Example: Analysis of what is made up the week of somebody work, classes of music children, tasks of the home, entertainment (film, computer, to read a book, etc.), beauty parlor, gymnasium Priorities 1ro work, 2ndo music classes children, 3ro home, 4to gymnasium, 5to beauty parlor, 6to entertainment Categories and analysis for 1 day: Productive time Work, 8 hours Tasks of the home, 3 hours recreational Time Classes of music children, 1 hour Entertainment, 1 hour Rest, 7 Misc hours, 2 hours Analysis productive Time 11 hours = 46% recreational Time 2 8,5% hours = Descanso 7 hours = 29% Misc 2 hours = 8,5% 22 hours administered and are still 2 hours to complete the day to I assign what them? 6TO: This analysis for every day of your week is going to help to you mantenerte focused, to take advantage of the time and to identify what it is not necessary or that is a distraction that does not produce something to you of value.