– Auto switch, depending on the room temperature air conditioning automatically switches between cooling and heating to maintain comfortable temperature Conditioners Panasonic Standart CS-PA7DKD, CS-PA9DKD, CS-PA12DKD Wall-mounted air conditioners Panasonic Standart standard-class differ low price of the same high quality and ease of use. Air Conditioners Panasonic Standart has all the basic functions, providing comfort and healthy air in room. Indicator of air pollution AirQuality indicator of air pollution in air conditioners AirQuality Panasonic shows the level of air pollution. Sensor in air quality continuously monitors the presence and quantity contaminants in the air. Indicator of air pollution in time to warn you that it is time to ventilate the room.

Filter Super Alleru-buster (optional) Filter Super alleru-buster is the latest achievement of Engineers Panasonic. The new filter provides anti-allergic, anti-virus protection, and effectively destroys bacteria and fungi. Protection from allergens. The new filter is able to neutralize up to 99% of allergens in the air, prohodyahem through the filter. By disposing of this case refers to suppression of allergenic impurities. Effektivneost this method to neutralize allergens was confirmed by the University of Edinburgh, uk against 1000 potential allergens. Allergens: pollen, dead mites and their decay products. Anti-allergenic material: phenolic hydroxyl polymer. Anti-virus protection. Neutralizes 99% of detainees filter viruses. Viruses: influenza virus, Coxsackie virus, etc. The anti-virus material: catechins – polyphenols, or an extract of tannin (astringent element contained in tea leaves). Viral Epidemiology confirm: filter effectively neutralizes viruses. Antibacterial / antifungal protection. Enzymatic effect destroys 99% of detainees filter bacteria.