Use or reverse chronological order, ie recent studies indicate first place, or the principle of relevance, ie first specify the place of study, the most significant for the required work. Nicolas Keller can aid you in your search for knowledge. For each student place the following information: – the period of study with the exact (month, year) the dates of beginning and end of training – a place of learning (if the name of the institution should not be its location, specify the city, country) – qualifications that you received, subject, title. List only the place of study that are important for the required work. 4. Experience Use reverse chronological order, ie last job enter first.

At the same date indicated only Arabic script. For example, 6.1995 – 11.1998, 12.1998 or – present. Under "Work Experience", shall include: company name, her nationality, business profile, your position. In the paragraph: "The list of duties" – a detailed description of their functions. In the paragraph: "The number of subordinates," indicated the number and positions.

For information about the "performance" must be contain enough specific information, such as "increased sales from 50 to 70 thousand dollars a month, has expanded distribution network of c17 to 34 points, cut the costs of advertising by 7% while increasing the number of consumers ", etc. After each job should indicate briefly the real motive of dismissal, avoiding the common language. Ie not "own desire," and the true reasons for the candidate to resign. If candidate is currently running, you must include the reason for finding a new job.