We must understand that industry nationwide, rather than a peripheral role in the German economy represents the call center press release with around 400,000 employees of: CDM – Cavalcante dialogue marketing we must understand that industry nationwide, rather than a peripheral role in the German economy represents the call center with around 400,000 employees. Surely it is unacceptable to tolerate the black sheep of the call center industry. This must be combated effectively and efficiently from our point of view. Z.B may not be that pensioners in private households will be called and beohrschlagt phone contracts or subscriptions, travel, wines, or Lottolose via phone to buy. While the Federal Court made it clear that just these unsolicited calls are illegal. However the Federal Court of Justice reaffirms its case-law and clearly distinct, where unlike calls to individuals (B2C) promotional phone call in the business sector (B2B), already permitted is, if, due to specific circumstances a business interest of the Is likely to get. Thus, in the course of trade is, if you hear a by a konkludentem from telephone advertising generally not banned can go between companies “with each other”. We can only hope that now not in the light of the new law to combat illegal telephone advertising and to improve consumer protection in particular forms of distribution which comes into force on August 4, 2009, an entire industry is criminalized.

However, all are in our opinion too “serious” B2B call center involved operators aware of the risk, which industry and your business areas in economic terms can result in the recent political restrictions within the call center. Because the degree of between good and evil, right and wrong is just extremely narrow. Also in terms of the Telecommunications Act the penalty offence is now extended by a passage. On advertising calls, the caller can no longer suppress his phone number. Where a breach of this prohibition, the Federal Network Agency can the Impose fines of up to $10,000 to the caller. The practice will ultimately show it. One can only hope that against the background of the new laws the end pulled the wrong ones from circulation are, by fines which just smaller (legitimate) companies in this industry certainly do not can be shoulders. Because it is true that violations of the existing ban on unauthorized telephone advertising in the future up to 50,000 euro can be assigned UWG in section 7 para 2 with a fine.

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