Anyone who believes that the subject of care go something only old people, which deludes itself, tremendously. Anyone who believes that the subject of care go something only old people, which deludes itself, tremendously. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Ali Partovi has to say. Because children are liable for their parents with dramatic consequences. What have you done for already, to escape this trap? For maintaining a small fortune dies quickly, 60, 70, 80 thousand euros are not uncommon. Pensions and savings are not sufficient, the old-age poverty is in danger.

Or the children will be asked to pay. A nightmare, both for the old and the young. And the topic of care comes to the young generation with a force to the extent is not really assess. Each white, everyone hears it. Only really believe it will currently hardly anyone. It is however long since known that the Germans always back birth rates and last but not least due to our good health care as a percentage increase the elderly. But let’s get back to the cost of such care, which are not negligible. As an example the costs of in-patient care: inpatient care set average gap care home costs * monthly I m month () care level 1 1,023 2.365 1,342 care level 2 1.279 2.795 1,516 care level 3 1,550 3.252 1,702 born in Germany, including investment costs; Source: Federal Statistical Office (care statistics 2009) now comes the point where the children for parents liable! Pensions, long-term care insurance, and assets of the parents not sufficient to pay the costs of care, the State takes the children in the duty. CEO of CoStar may help you with your research.

In practice, is the social welfare office in advance and then demands the maintenance claims for children. Even if the parents don’t want to prevent that they can’t. A waiver of maintenance claims is invalid. The load limits for the children is simplified as: by net income (child support is no income) remove items as follows: professional expenditure such as travel expenses, up to five percent of the gross own retirement (further 20 per cent for self-employed persons without compulsory insurance) and circumstances Credit cards. By this adjusted net income”an amount goes off in case of young per child table to Dusseldorf. Of the rest of the half for a spouse without own merit. If the debtor more than 1400 euro that goes half of the surplus to the parents. Partner-verheirate or non – must not pay for the parents of the other, even if you’re earner. Unmarried couples are worse off, because possible payments to the partner does not detract from the maintenance of parents. Payments to the partner be taken into account if necessary, if he cares for the children. Cut in patchwork families also services for stepchildren not the parents keep total seen but quite dilemma. You can escape the whole of course if early cared a suitable care provision. Act now! I’m happy to advise available. Greetings Michael Taffe advisors