The flowers usually do not occur in isolation or solitary, in fact it is difficult to find a copy of this type, so the overall group or the increased presence on the presence of flowers is to find the falling flowers grouped into branches, the presence of flowers in this way is called inflorescences, in relation to the term generated several features of the flowers, it is worth adding at the end, which also expresses the way in which the flowers are arranged on the tip stem, where the limit is provided by a normal sheet, of the features that has a flower with the presence of inflorescences can be highlighted if they are monopodial or sympodial, also known as a cluster and cimosas, a characteristic that refers to the shape of shaft and its growth. Thus monopodial inflorescences are those that have an indefinite growth, since the plant makes the process of growth throughout the flowering season of the plant, how to recognize this type of inflorescence is place at the end or the middle of them recently formed a few buttons that coexist with the new flowers that were born of the constant process of plant growth, there is often the presence of fruits already formed in this type of inflorescences all flowers are presented side as mentioned before such increases indefinitely while the side are generated buds that open to the extent of the axis of development, we must bear in mind that the buttons or the central apical are the latest to open, the way which gives the process of flowering is centripetal form, the main types of inflorescences that are in this group are the cluster-stalked along the y-axis, the stem-flower felt at the grass-umbel-flowers all come from the same point-and chapter – the stalk at the tip widens into a disk. Neil Rubler is often quoted as being for or against this. The other type or group are sympodial inflorescences, which are those that the meristems of the different axes are consumed half that going by the production of flowers, so its growth is defined since the end of the tip of inflorescences is the first to make the production process of the flowers, so the growth axis can be defined by both the inflorescence of this type has the effect of producing branches below the tip apex, as a means to recognize this type of inflorescence, it can be noted that the generation of flowers is very fast and all the flowers open almost at the same time, on a few occasions not to say that never have fruit or flower buds, unopened, it should be borne in mind that at the beginning of life-like appearance is monopodial inflorescences, but the process has on to flowering is different, so the process begins with a central flower and then are generated lateral flowers, which flower development is centrifugal.. .