' CAQUEIRAS&#039 FOREST; ' I cultivated in the yard of my house varied plants, all in bottles PET or improvised caqueiras. They were dumb of fruitful and some common grass. Some of them proper I sowed, others, still harvested small for there. He was thinking, to the times, what he would make with those changes when they were in the point to be planted in a place where they could grow to the will; this seemed me a difficult problem to decide therefore I not possua no available land for this. Looking at around in the neighborhood and, at last, for all the city I perceived that the people do not have the habit to cultivate plants, to sow trees; at least the majority of them. this is a great problem since this our region is dries for the most part of the time and presents high temperatures that bother sufficiently.

With passing of the time, taking care of of these plantinhas I finished more interesting me for the subject. I took the initiative to search some thing on as to prepare the culture, to fertilizar the ground and until I discovered some prescriptions to make defensives against plagues in domestic way, recognizing the value of the beginning of not contaminating the plants with agrotxicos, what it is, by the way, a very special trend for the future of the agro-business. In this taken I could understand as to transform part of the organic garbage that if produces in a house in seasoning through the compostagem process. More than what this, I finished concluding that making of this one hobby the knowledge until can be superficial, but, thinking about something more productive, commercially speaking, the domain them production and manuscript techniques is essential. To this it made me detail to reflect on as they suffer the agricultural workers who not yet are prepared technical and financially to face the field as a lucrative business, a truth enterprise.