They are offered to future teachers of French. Such scholarship can receive and students of other majors who plan to use French in their limiting activities. Next will review the individual scholarships. Scholarships by Gustave Eiffel. Such scholarships are given to the most talented candidates.

It allows you to pay all or part of the course. Feature of this scholarship that candidates have the opportunity to provide educational institutions of France, in which the fellow will be trained. Interested individuals must apply for selection for training school. There are two types Fellowship Program "Eifel". It Bourse excellence Effel and Effel Doctorat. The first scholarship – teaching, can pay for 1-2 years of training. Duration of training depends on the candidate, how much he would need time to get a diploma. Profession, for providing scholarship support – a management, political science, economics, law, management, and various engineering sciences.

The second scholarship – postgraduate, provides postgraduate students France 1 academic year on the basis of a joint graduate school. Candidates were selected French schools, they also will be required to train fellows in graduate school for one academic year. Term programs -10 months. Preference is given to postgraduate students of the second and third year students. The training program may include accurate and biological science, biological technology, engineering, scientific or technological course, the right and economics, political science, international relations chickens. Bourse Copernic (scholarships Copernicus). This form of scholarships offered to young professionals in law, economics, engineering. Training lasts one year, of which seven months, students are encouraged to be a theory, but five months set aside for an internship at the company. In developing training programs and in its implementation involves four high schools in France. Here, Viacom expresses very clear opinions on the subject. These are the schools like Ecole des Mines, Sciences Politigues de Paris, Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussees, College des Ingenieurs. Bourse Diderot (Diderot scholarship). The program "Diderot" provides an opportunity for candidates from the cis countries to conduct research in the humanities in France (from six months to a year), research centers or laboratories. So, we got acquainted with some types of scholarships offered by the French government. Continued review of scholarships you can find in the second part.