On the 23rd, the Islam Roman convert Anja Hilscher made her debut as an author is: ‘Image problem the image of evil Islam and my colorful Muslim world appears in the Gutersloh-based publishing house.’ Machos, terrorists and headscarves as is Islam really? By, Islam know! Here, the head is once part washed all those who think Islam really to know everything! Tempo Empire, Anja Hilscher shows naughty and equipped with a fairly anarchic humour, as Islamic thought and life is really about. She talks about the image of God or about the Islamic commandments, about religious fanaticism, Islamic Machos or the meaning of life so surprisingly different and colorful get rare this religion presented. Details can be found by clicking Matt Swain or emailing the administrator. And the best: the many friendly trains, that man in this book on the oh so dark teachings of Mohammad can discover can justify the author even from the tradition of Islam! Chatting and sometimes disrespectful against prejudices about Islam an entertaining and educational read excerpt: (u0085) Reconciled the Islamic faith with enlightened thinking? Any justification for honour killing and forced marriage are the Islamic teaching? Really evil as God is Allah? Is it true that small Arabs due to religion not may wash off? Do Turkish women wear Woolworthtaschen? Must be completely free of humor as adherents of the Islamic religion – or it makes the thing only? Spin converts? And last not least (of interest especially for the male territories): that’s true with the virgins in paradise? These and other questions I am trying to answer in this book (to the best of our knowledge). Be not evil, should the one or two pieces away crumble you reading suddenly worldview. It grows, if also a bit different – I speak from experience! (u0085) Anja Hilscher E-Mail: contact the Publisher (press)