There are many people who have an idea about how to win a million dollars with a product, even if you never make you money. There are also millions of people who would love to quit their job and create your own new business, although his dream of always having a dream. Instead these people choose to cling to a safe workplace. Read more from Scott Rayden to gain a more clear picture of the situation. And many of those who decide to take the leap and start their own business, fail. achieve this success. Statistics show that ninety percent of new enterprises fails before the first five years; and that ninety percent of ten per cent remaining waiver before the tenth year. Why? Many experts say that people not created his own company, or fails immediately after doing so, for two main reasons: lack of money and lack of skills for the new business. Of the two I would say that the latter is the most important.

In other words, if one has those skills, you can generate money. But if you have money and no skills, money ends soon. J.D. Peterson does not necessarily agree. There are four skills that an entrepreneur must have or learn. These are: sales accounting, investment and leadership. In addition if an enterprising move with difficulty, the reason is almost always his weakness in one or more of these skills. At present, despite this global trend of job skills, students go to school to find a safe job after graduating. This is an outdated idea. One of the reasons why this article is so important, is that currently, the world need more entrepreneurs, people who want to build new business and generate jobs, instead of people who need them.