With them we obtain to work geometric figures, similarity of figures, angles and polygons. The work with mathematical games in classroom in them brings some benefits: the pupil demonstrates for its colleagues and professors if the subject well was assimilated; we obtain to detect the pupils who are with real difficulties; during uncurling of a game, we observe that the pupil if becomes critical more, alert and confident, expressing what it thinks, elaborating questions and taking off conclusions without necessity of the interference or approval of the professor? a competition between the players and the adversaries exists, therefore they long for to be successful and pair this is perfected and exceeded its limits; the fear does not exist to make a mistake, therefore the error is considered a step necessary to arrive itself at a correct reply; the pupil if empolga with the climate of a different lesson, what he makes with that learns without perceiving. However we must, also, have some cares when choosing the games to be applied: to choose games where the factor luck does not intervene with the plays, allowing that it wins that one that to discover the best strategies; not to become the somewhat obligator game; to use activities that involve two or more pupils, to oportunizar the social interaction; to establish rules, that can or not be modified in elapsing of a round; to study the game before applying it (what it is only possible, playing). to work the frustration for the defeat in the child, the direction to minimize it; Some examples of games that can be worked in classroom. Here it is an amused game to carry through with children who are in the phase of representation of the numbers by means of the numbers Hindu-Arabic and of numerical words. EtapAtividadeExemplo 1Sorteie a number of three algarismos.428 2Escreva the name of the nmero.quatrocentos and twenty and eight 3Conte the letters that form nome.23 4Escreva the name of the nmero.vinte and three 5Conte the letters that form nome.10 6Escreva the name of the nmero.dez 7Conte the letters that nome.3 forms 8Escreva the name of the nmero.trs 9Conte the letters that nome.4 forms 10Escreva the name of nmero.quatro 11Conte the letters that form nome.6 12Escreva the name of the nmero.seis 13Conte the letters that nome.