Some of the advantages obtained from online advertising are: cost: the cost of similar advertising in print or on radio or television, compared to the cost of if on internet, it is in favour of advertising online. More people can be reached by a much smaller cost to advertise online, this ensures you make money easy, unlike any of the other traditional advertising methods. Availability: The availability of advertise to potential customers to advertise online, far exceeds the availability with traditional advertising techniques. Every person on the planet who has access to a computer can view an online advertising. On the other hand, only those who purchase printed publications, or those who are listening to a radio station in particular, or who are facing a television programme in particular, will see ads placed on those sites. Cost of advertising plus low per sale: the fact is that it is much less expensive to advertise on the internet that advertise in print media, radio or television, and advertising is more effective to produce sales since it is better directed. In studies of relativity of costs of advertising techniques, has been proven that online advertising is more effective than traditional advertising techniques.

It is more effective in cost, this allows you to earn easy money and is simply the method of efficient advertising that has been used to date. Yes, advertising pays, and online advertising pays better than other more traditional methods. The many disadvantages online advertising years ago there was a movie starring the late George Burns, entitled God Mio II. In the film, a little girl asked him to God (played by George Burns) why there were bad things. George answered that he (God) had never found the way to create a high without a bass or a good without a bad, even the words to do so. I think that’s as good as any, response because there is always its corresponding disadvantage for every advantage, and online advertising is no exception to that rule. An of the disadvantages of online advertising is the apparent lack of cost control that brings by default. For example: If you choose to put a banner advertising on a website, it is safest that they charge you a PPI (pay per impression).

This means that, whenever anyone enters this web site and your banner is displayed, they charge you a fee perhaps not a great rate, but a rate anyway. And these small costs can be much money. The effectiveness of these types of banner advertising is somehow questionable also. They may charge you up to thousand dollars, and that nobody has clicked on your banner ever, but even so they charge you for every time that is shown. Only you can determine if this type of advertising is really effective for you and your product or service. Another method of advertising for pay in internet that may or may not be effective, is what is called PPC (pay per Click). This is how they charge you to ads that appear on search engines. They charge you everytime your ad is clicked. Of course, when someone clicks on your advertising, means that they are visiting your web site, so you probably have more chance to make a sale so do it with advertising PPI.