It prepared everything in Blanyai, distributor of computing only has to upload it to your web page (more than 5,000 totally updated articles), is more, you won’t need to worry about or even send the material to the final customer, from Blanyai will be responsible for shipping, logically without valued Bill. According to a. Lopez j., we are also specialized in this method of working, we are wholesalers of computer, we do not sell to the public directly. This new Blanyai website builder will be much more practical, increasing the number of components in integrating their machines. If something Blanyai can differentiate as a leading wholesaler of computer science in relation to large surfaces, is by the possibility to be malleable, versatility at the time of assemble any type of computer, pc Hall, for gamers, quiet, large servers, economic clone computers and a long etcetera. All this be available to customers in the new computers Configurator, much more intuitive and with the possibility of personalizing the budget for that, including their margin, can send the budget to your customer directly. You can find a lot of options in boxes, in sources, in plates, in processors, graphics, memory and hard drives.

Finally, it starts the specials section, where you can find very interesting prices, the best in the market and with a wide rotation on all kinds of products. Other improvements have been included as the the search, facilitating the work to the dealer with an agile and fast search engine that will make the task of finding what you need at all times, ordering their searches by manufacturer, price or simply by features. In the news section, the Distributor may request rates at or going to where will be attended them happy to quickly. As novelties, in Blanyai start the year 2011 loaded with them: 1 portfolio of products with 2,000 references only for boxes of computers, power supplies and integration for modding and gaming components. 1 list of both original and compatible consumables. 1 listing specialist networks.

1 very extensive listing both printers and consumables. Blanyai, your wholesaler of computer, your wholesaler of computers, your wholesaler of laptops, their integration components wholesaler, your wholesaler of consumables and as not, your both wholesaler peripherals and consumer electronics. For more information: BLANYAI Servicios Informaticos, S.L., Calle Tortola, 10, low A, 28019 Madrid, Tel.: 914280919, E-mail:, Web: about BlanyaiBLANYAI is an innovative and efficient company as a result of years of experience and dedication, reflected in his team and in the quality of both its products and personalized service to its customers. Company dedicated to manufacture tailored to desktops, laptops and servers, as well as the distribution of consumables both original and compatible, commercializing next generation products. In Blanyai they bring together services and distribution to offer a serious benchmark in the domestic computer market, saving time and money to its customers offering them the possibility to centralize their computing purchases. Blanyai, is a wholesaler of laptops and computer science, synonymous with versatility, experience and quality, a company that has become a computer wholesaler and distributor of computer and consumable components of reference in the market with a permanent stock of all its products thanks to their customers.