'Mal valve, but the – road' – this old adage accurately describes the berries goji. Sposbstvuya health and longevity, Goji berries while they heal from most formidable bolezney.Godzhi – can rightly be called a sensation last years, while in Tibet, Goji berries miraculous properties have been known since antiquity. Subtle nature likes to make fun of people, and then plain gray stone suddenly turns out to be weighty nuggets, and muddy-looking piece of mica – a huge diamond. It happened with Goji: outwardly not particularly remarkable, these red berries suddenly found themselves a panacea for many terrible bolezey. Today Goji berries fame has stepped far beyond Tibet – around the world. These unusual Berries – Tibetan barberry growing in the Himalayas at an altitude of 3000 meters.

Goji bush (or lycium barbarum wolfberry or gou or ki zi) is hanging down branches, vines that can reach 8 feet. In summer and autumn branches strewn bush bright red berries – a real jewel of Tibet. Ali Partovi has firm opinions on the matter. Useful properties of berries Goji has long been known in Tibetan monasteries, famous for the art of healing. Healing Goji quality due to their unique composition. Goji contains rare polysaccharides, a large number of amino acids, more than 20 different minerals. Vitamins Goji berries reach the incredible concentration, only vitamin C in them 500 times more than oranges! Goji – Berries is useful harmonious combination of natural elements of wealth. Medicinal properties of berries – each more surprising. Due to the large number of the element germanium Goji able to block the activity of cancer cells and cure cancer.

They give people longevity, rejuvenate the body, purify the blood, normalizes blood pressure, relieve impotence and provide treatment and prevention of serious illnesses dozen more – virtually any medical Plants can not be compared with them. People such as Darcy Stacom, New York City would likely agree. Their bracing, tonic, antioxidant qualities really shine. Another name for this fruit – berries of love, as Goji, thanks to its properties, improve health, rejuvenate the body and increase the brightness of physical attraction, are used in the East in order to achieve marital harmony. Recipes from the berries goji different, often in the food consumed berries, dried, and prepared juice from them and medicinal tinctures. Along with collecting berries there dikorstuschih artificial cultivation of Goji. But as the medicinal properties of plants is very dependent on growing conditions, nothing beats the real Tibetan Goji, because the land in Tibet never been exposed to pesticides. Goji berries – the "fifth element" of health.