Average length of check-up – one day. Upon completion of the survey specialist doctor analyzes the results of diagnostic tests and risk factors for the individual patient, which allows to determine the likelihood of the patient a disease in the future. The patient receives a written report and recommendations – a list of therapeutic and preventive measures for maintaining health. Each check-up, usually accompanied by advice from for a healthy lifestyle. In case of detection of any serious problems the patient requested treatment at the clinic, the corresponding profile of the disease. It’s believed that isearch sees a great future in this idea. Here is an example of a program of expanded check-up for persons over 45 years in one from German clinics: * Primary medical examination * Laboratory examinations * ecg * Pulmonary function tests *

Research fundus * Ultrasound of neck vessels, including measuring the thickness of the vascular wall * Ultrasound of soft tissue neck and Thyroid * * mri whole-body mr angiography of whole-body mri of the head * * mri heart * heart * ct * A medical conclusion final conversation with the doctor and geography Price sheck-up Check-up in medical tourism has a broad geography. To conduct such a study, you can go to many countries around the world. After check-up’om can both start and finish the journey. Energy Capital Partners is likely to increase your knowledge. One day dedicated to health, it is easy to fit into any holiday and leisure, as well as business trip. In large centers and multi-clinic more than 30 countries provided such diagnostic programs. For residents of the cis “ahead of the rest” – the clinic in western Europe (Germany, Switzerland, France, Austria) and Israel. The price of this service in clinics of Western Europe can be from 2000 to 7000 euros, depending on the country and the status of the clinic. A special variety of conventional and specialized chesk-up of programs represented in the European diagnostic centers. Conveniently and accurately you can get check-up in Turkey, Jordan and India. The cost of a diagnostic package to these countries ranges from 1000 to 3000 dollars. Medical service sheck-up offer and the leading medical Centres Asia – Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Japan, South Korea (it costs 2 to 5 thousand dollars). Conclusions and recommendations Expediency regular checking of “technical” state of the body, no one doubt. World Health Organization recommends that people under 40 years to carry out preventive inspections at least once in 2 years, after a 40 – at least 1 time per year. American Cancer Society also recommends that special check-up men and women over age 40 annually.

Application of modern technologies in medical diagnostics can detect abnormal changes in the body in the early stages, which gives a chance to cure patients with cancer and other serious diseases (stroke, heart attack). Timely passage of a comprehensive survey – the most effective method of disease prevention, conservation health and disability. Such diagnostic programs combine perfectly with the rest and are becoming increasingly popular among health tourists. At present, many medical centers and clinics that accept foreign patients, provide such medical services. Check-up program designed primarily for active people who experience a constant shortage of time. Check-up-programs make it possible to combine short-term rest and a thorough medical examination. “A check-up” or “medical examination of healthy, had become a fashionable habit of wealthy people. Some employers provide a bonus to its employees an annual check-up. For recent years sheck-up has become a popular trend of medical tourism. The principle of early detection through regular sheck-up is a basic in medicine of the xxi century.