In many relationships primarily in the hidden games couples play unconsciously guide our relationship and cause discomfort and dissatisfaction. The top dog “The dog below: One model of relationship or as I call it” game “is the Gestalt Psychotherapy is called” top-dog’s dog down “and refers to that within our interpersonal relationships are dominance and subordination, which are generally silent, tacit, and sometimes more truly harmful unconscious. The top dog is a member of the relationship that dominates, which says how to do things, usually crushed and attacks and the underdog is the one who is swayed and even tread and is “trash the relationship “, ie he, she deposited all harmful than the other or others have. Apparently this is very unfair, but it holds because both sides have one or more gains in this dynamic, all this most Sometimes it is totally unconscious. An example to clarify: There are couples where one member is the underdog, has traditionally been women, although that (hopefully) every day is less, in this approach that dominates has a very clear profit clear authority and which is dominated also has a gain that is usually hidden and is to manipulate through guilt is one of the strongest powers one can have, then both have to a manifesto and the other hidden in this example the hidden power is the greatest. The solution: The result of neurotic games in relationships is always guaranteed dissatisfaction and distress and failure is therefore to be avoided and it already exist, the solution is awareness, I realize it in a game neurotic one of my relations or more of them and get out of this.

How? Through self-awareness and emotional release as the undertone and unresolved is the glue that brings us to repeat them over and over again. There very effective technologies out of this, in my experience over 15 years I have combined two very successful: Gestalt Psychotherapy and Kundalini Yoga. The success of these alternatives is powerful: Kundalini Yoga: Achieve Self-awareness. It is a subtle healing hurt feelings. We clean the toxic unconscious thoughts. Gestalt Therapy: Promotes the “realize.” It works very direct and effective emotional release. Fosters own our real power. By Heloise Chavarria.