Dear readers, if our idea is to start a business online, just as it happens outside, we must develop a new economy business market study electronic taking clear the game of supply and demand, the particularity is that now instead of come together in a physical space, our exchange of information, products, services and payments occur via telecommunications networks in a virtual market entails something that to analyze the two faces of the same coin, our business saw two lenses. Specifically we must get to know our business, how to market and customers. It is a methodological work that shows how your business can benefit from Internet. It allows you to identify specific points where to reduce costs, streamline operations, or introduce a new source of growth.Let us consider each of these techniques analyzed below and remember that apartir of the next article you will have the development of each of these, so don’t forget follow us for your orientation to the start your business online I.1.-have a business proposal, know the business Vs client-it must be understood the competitive advantages of your business to your customer as well as its debilidadesb – must exist a clear differentiation of their products and their serviciosc-market positioning in the market (brand, reputation, knowledge of your offer etc) objective (its final customer characteristics) d-is important to identify whether aguna there is a difference between what you want and what you really need must focus our efforts on addressing our concerns. Once identified the most important objectives propose us a plan of action I.2.-analysis of the design need identify the components of design appropriate to define your imagen:a – combination of colors for your logo and Esquemab – design aspects of aid to the navegacion.c-disposition of messages and aspects to avoid. I.3.-analysis of the Marketing in Internet must define which is the current market, to study the possibilities of This and new markets.