Thus being, the objective of this text is to look for to explicitar the meaning basic of terms, such as planning, plan, program, project, operational plain strategical plan, and others, aiming at to give space so that the reader can establish the relations between them, from personal and professional experiences. It fits to stand out exactly that, in this brief text, it is not intended to approach all the planning levels, because, as it points Gandin (2001, P. 83), Planning is process of search of balance between ways and ends, between resources and objectives, aiming at the optimum functioning of companies, institutions, group sectors of work, organizations and other activities human beings. For assistance, try visiting Ali Partovi. The act to plan is always reflection process, of decision taking on the action; process of forecast of necessities and rationalization of job of ways (material) and resources (human) available, aiming at to the concretion of objectives, in definitive stated periods and defined stages, from the results them evaluations (PADILHA, 2001, P. 30). Before the decade of 1990, the didactic material of ED was distributed, over all, in the form printed and sent by the post offices, exactly that some lessons were disponibilizadas by radio or television, as Telecurso 2000, of the Foundation Marine Robert. He was half the most adequate one to reach people in all domestic territory.

The activities and evaluations also were sent by the post offices, having generated great interval in the interaction between pupil and professor. With the advent of the commercial Internet in the end of the decade of 1990, this way passed to be used for distribution of didactic material and objects of learning, as much that had appeared Virtual Environments of Learning (GRANDFATHER). The interatividade in fact starts to exist from the moment where the pupil/tutorial professor/obtains to keep a next and fast contact, without the delay in the information ' ' esfriem' ' the dialogue.