Motivates me to go into the Hall to pick up a box of marquetry, size 17 x 23 x 4 cm., which I delivered at the close of a Congress in Granada, a few years ago. If you’ve had in your hands a case of this type you percibiras the beauty of their drawings, their colors and softness that surrounds it. But if precious was for me the detail of the chest or jeweler, most valued is that contained within: a book of poetic anthology titled and the South (the singularity in the present Andalusian poetry), edited in February 1997 (printed in the workshops of the Crown of the South). I believe that detail for two reasons: by the anthology itself, performed by Jose Garcia (anthologist) and because it was lucky to coordinate their editing. The Organizing Committee of the Congress wanted to offer something different and special. A friend told me about the idea of editing an anthology of poets. I asked me proposing and document the project and convinced once proposed to the Executive Committee, the idea seemed good and authorized the corresponding budget headings additional.

Gave attendees a copy within a bag designed for that moment. Gave to presenters and honorees the book inside the box of marquetry. By extension, I’m going to ignore all the laborious process of editing work and just thank the team of collaborators the excellent work done. The press conference of presentation of the book was a success unprecedented for poetry in general and for us in particular, since it led to a debate about two currents of poetic thought existing in those moments in our country. The news was published in the newspapers of national circulation (ABC, El Pais, El Mundo, etc.) and in all the of provincial level. Equally, national television, the Andalusian and local spoke of the event. Nor radio lagged behind, with several interviews and coverage of the news.

In synthesis, a celebrity or unexpected laurel who, undoubtedly, had repercussions on the dissemination of the Congress itself. The poets included were the following: Manuel Alcantara, Maria Victoria Atencia, Juana Castro, Carlos Clementson, Juan Drago, Antonio Enrique, Domingo F. Failde, Francisco Fortuny, Concha Garcia, angel Garcia Lopez, Rafael Guillen, Antonio Hernandez, Rafael Inglada, Manuel Jurado Lopez, Jose Lupianez, Aurora Luque, Manuel Mantero, Manuel Moya, Pilar Paz Ommastrephidae, Francisco Peralto, Manuel Rios Ruiz, Antonio Rodriguez Jimenez, Pedro Rodriguez Pacheco, Francisco Ruiz Noguera, Jose Antonio SaezMaria Sanz, Jose Sarria, Rafael Soto Verges, Juan Jose Tellez Rubio and Fernando Villena. Riders of the silence of Jose Sarria, friend and one of the poets who participated ended with poetry: there is nothing more eloquent than silence.Jose Gaitan I’ve seen came galloping tended, from afar cabalganAnte my ojosPortando the thickness of the horasMuertas. They are the riders of silence.