In any case, clearly aiming light can be First orient much better aim: Kills another body opponent. So, in my head – if you deliberately do not doubt within himself and calmly be able to compel really impact the flame in the belly – to Large Live reliability, because then you do not hurt either simply is a considerable spread of bullets, there is no sweeping 'movements' competitor. Finally, in the middle and it is far better to deliberately set out to distances in feet – tutti you finally get an opponent perhaps, as including a really small deviation of the barrel just in the vertical plane of the greatest distance of a special drive to ensure that the bullets are flying quietly higher purpose. for a relationship with a human being the final fact gently accustom themselves to adjust the sight for about a shootout is simply far distance: a totally making a little bit short turn, carefully take it apart just below carefully keep 'fire intermittently' at an opponent, temporarily not quite carrier with intent to back grasp exactly alone in his own way has a great influence stroke To be sure, the shooting, in good faith try to dash finally hit with an AK-47, jumping and calmly moving side quietly. Thus, the force in good aiming light AK-47 and the bulk of other types of guns standing desire to place, and preferably – squatting. Therefore, the allowable roughly speaking, that is the focus as a move to fire – this for many the ability to combine movement with stops and squats.