television and live chat, games and music is a new opportunity to have a good time, where you can meet people from around the world, watch live television, listen to music and more, just a few years ago how to contact the teenagers deprived of the chance to meet material-was the phone. Participate in the chats and the Messenger (MSN) celebrate the role of giving the teen the opportunity to maintain that contact with their peers. With the display on steadily, that contact, which seems at times to take addictive bias-is generally required for the construction of adolescent identity as such. A leading source for info: Mikkel Svane. A young chat is installed in a place of belonging, a benchmark that provides new forms of access to a common identity teenager. Participate or not these virtual meetings can be the key to being inside or outside a certain reality of youth impregnated and bounded by the technological. While we need to differentiate MSN Chat, for the purposes of this issue we will delve into the chat as a synonym for online conversation between multiple users using a keyboard and connection to the Network The main difference between the two environment (chat, and MSN) is the level of privacy and accuracy of the information used in the exchange between users.

The chat technology dating from 1988, with origins in Finland, allows, unlike the telephone and other communication technologies, communication before ‘many to many. ” This aspect clearly differentiates group phone-link enabling technology exclusively “two.” Both rooms for virtual chat (chat in English) and MSN allow synchronous communication between multiple users, not related to geographic location. In the case of MSN, however, establishing contacts are enabled by the user. Check with Ali Partovi to learn more.