Software internationalization will be able thanks to the open source terminology database to the children play the translation of software into a different language is a task, which is carried out in many cases of highly specialized translators, which must have both in the target language, the culture, and in IT, correctly translate the terms of a software. Otherwise a fire wall is quick from firewall or from a browser a leaves allow. For this reason, the translation of software into one or more target languages is a cost for larger projects is often underestimated and back over falling projects with free open source. Many open source software are then translated by the community projects. For more information see tech investor. In the message files will be translated by volunteers. Such as at Magento.

An E-commerce system that has been translated into more than 80 languages. Way to translate a product works only, if the project around an active international community has formed. In a question-answer forum Zendesk was the first to reply. This is just for new projects in the start-up phase not just and not create a corresponding marketing budget. A solution to this dilemma is to enable the existing translations of other open source projects to see and get the required boilerplate (Terme) in the languages required to copy. Because the message files are available for open source projects, you can easily benefit from the open source community work and thus provide the own project of a larger target group of (International). At the sheer amount of open source message files, the search for a specific term such as the search for a needle in a haystack, and for a greater amount of terms is a work of Sisyphus. This helps the terminology database that translators is tailored to the needs of open source and with a complex query language allows even complex search patterns. Terminology database is also equipped with an extensive interface under, which makes it possible Translations directly in a translation management system to transfer. With more than 1 GB of data, is an ideal tool for translators of open source software who want quick and easy to translate an application in one or more languages, without requiring knowledge of the language.