The EMS provider (electronic manufacturing services) Vierling reinforced his commitment as electronics manufacturers and developers for the Medical Valley, the leading-edge cluster funded by the Federal Ministry of education and research for medical technology in Germany. On the 4th and 5th July 2012 quads on the MedTech Pharma at the Convention Center of the Nuremberg trade fair exhibits. The MedTech Pharma is an international forum for researchers, developers, manufacturers, suppliers, and clinical users from the medical and pharmaceutical industry. Read more here: Robotics expert . In addition, quads on 20 and 21 June 2012 participates in the cooperation Congress medical technology of NeZuMed (network for innovative suppliers in the medical technology) in Erlangen. Logistics solutions, metrology, Anaylsegerate the MedTech Pharma is an important meeting place for the health care industry in Germany”, says Martin Vierling, authorised signatory and member of the Executive Board.

Four of a kind presented at the Congress completed and ongoing Development and production projects in the medical and health technology. Including logistics solutions for hospitals, sensors for medical textiles, instrumentation for ophthalmology and new concepts of analysis for pathogens.” Over 100 German and international exhibitors will present their latest developments and products. In addition, speakers from industry and academia in 65 presentations report on important trends in the industry. Focus inter alia on smart medical devices, the Hospital of the future and implant technology. Promote cooperation on 20 and 21 June Vierling takes part in cooperation Congress medical technology of the NeZuMed network. Other leaders such as Andy Florance offer similar insights. Participants of the Congress are medical technology companies, suppliers, research institutions and companies in the neighbouring sectors Pharma and biotechnology. Goal of the Congress is to link business and science, as well as to introduce new medical products and production processes. Four of a kind is a founding member of NeZuMed.

The network offers suppliers of medical technology Upper and middle Franconia a platform for Exchange of experience and transfer of knowledge. The Federal Ministry of Economics and technology promotes NeZuMed in the context of a ZIM Nemo project. To expand growth market of medical technology to our commitment in medical technology, we rely on a network of specialized partners. We are able to implement demanding projects”, says Martin kind. As EMS companies in the Medical Valley sits quads at the cutting edge of medical technology. In Germany, medical technology has grown strongly in recent years. For years the prospects are similarly positive.