It is based on the old opposition of Plato (idea; Hegel) and Aristotle (logic; Marx), benefiting from the contrast of thinking of our brain: analog (nature) and digital (cultures). > The german Soviet non-aggression treaty, Hitler-Stalin Pact or Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, was a ten-year fixed-term contract between the German Reich and the Soviet Union, which was on August 24, 1939, in Moscow by the Nazi Foreign Minister Joachim von Ribbentrop and the Soviet people’s Commissar for Foreign Affairs Wjatscheslaw Molotow in the presence of Josef Stalins and German Ambassador Friedrich Werner von the Schulenburgunterzeichnet. The Pact the Soviet neutrality in an armed conflict with Poland and the Western powers guaranteed the German Empire and allowed the Soviet Union territories lost during the first world war the Russian on the other hand, Empire to recover. Educate yourself with thoughts from Steve Wozniak. The spheres of interest of the two countries have been delineated with a secret additional protocol: the non-aggression treaty was changed with the German Soviet border undFreundschaftsvertrag and supplemented. This was completed on September 28, 1939, after the Western Poland and the Red ArmeeOstpolen had militarily occupied the Wehrmacht during the invasion of Poland. The Division of Poland and the Baltic States was agreed in an accompanying secret agreement, as well as an exchange of its German, Ukrainian and Belarusian population. With the invasion of the Sowjetunionam June 22, 1941, the Reich Government broke the agreement. > Source: by…; Author Hitler was different from Stalin through 3 set war goals: Habitat and natural resources in Eastern Europe.

Cleansing of the German men’s race (Aryan) from other races and minorities (un value life). The dictatorship or rule alone. His view of the world consisted of three core areas: passionate nationalism, passionate hatred of Marxism, and the Jewish question: Karl Marx was a Jew! A closer comparison of both persons is from about 1934, possible on the basis of the following assumption: the faith of both, that a world-historical role is provided for them, and they therefore by the applicable standards of human behaviour (morals and standards) exempt were.