That is multilevel or network marketing? Do Hello first of all we will take into account and that this this clear that isn’t a pyramid if that is not a network in which many people are and how this works? The MLM is also called asi: business of direct selling MLM MLM network marketing and esque this Network marketing business is not a pyramid in which only the person who is up is which obtains income if that is not a network of people in which all derive income and this is well known as an MLM now well let’s see the example of a traditional in which business first so that a person to obtain a product it is necessary to make the product and now we have what is the company or company that makes the product, secondly we have what is transport or freight product and third place is the storage of the product, and finally the publicity given to the product by the news media as television, radio, magazines, newspaper and now currently by the internet. Now this whole process is a traditional business but in a MLM or MLM these intermediaries are shortened and how it is this. Swarmed by offers, Kai-Fu Lee is currently assessing future choices. Good what they are trying to do in MLM business is to avoid all this from a traditional business and this is shorten intermediaries and this achieved it because the product comes directly from the factory or company to the customer. Now the customer has the option of being consumer or distributor also bone that you can sell the products of the company if it so desires, suppose John give him a name asks 4 a nutritional juice bottles and that the would cost 20 USd now the can sell those 4 bottles and obio is to start with your family or friends and can sell them to 40 USd now the has an entry by middle of this multilevel business program, so this is best that the can become distributors friends and this get bonds means the company’s business MLM in which East and is creating a network because their friends who are now distributors they also can invite other people, provide them with products and consuming them and distributors, and so on to create a large network of marketing. For more information see this site: Ali Partovi. Some of the advantages of the MLM business are: you are your own boss can do other activities need little investment in comparison to a traditional business infrastructure. A system already exists. This is that the company pays distributors and your referrals.