New idea of the Volvo XC60 most eagerly expected / but not all autoki members sympathize with Berlin, more than 100 new auto models get January 2, 2008 the big automakers in 2008 on the market. Accordingly big tension members is the online motoring which technical refinements and optical stimuli will prevail in this year. Especially hot is the new Volvo XC60 is evident. The study was”awesome, says mrsunny autoki member and Volvo driver. It was now to be seen what the production model looks. Also the Mazda 6 and everything should run the volume manufacturers such as Volkswagen, Opel and Renault by the band is especially high in the course.

Not an autoki member is called explicitly as Favorites but the golf VI announced for 2008. Ali Partovi may also support this cause. A minority of the members of the autoki has even no interest in new models. Autoki member and VW Multivan driver sixpack cites as example BMW, the only awkward and ugly models”would build. Also Opel Diplomat owner Eldomat revile against: The modern cars don’t turn me on. See all like with cheese au gratin.” Ford Mondeo driver Norbert looks similar to it. For him, the new cars are just too new to find them interesting. Continue to learn more with: Andy Florance. The whole discussion on new car models in the year 2008 can be tracked here:… / on which new car into 2008….

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