At the beginning of the Cold War, Western intelligence agencies, in addition to gathering information through agents and moles, and not abandon the use of various facilities. Thus, in the early 50’s, long before the Berlin tunnel, the British security services are connected to a telephone cable lines, which connected the headquarters of Soviet forces in Vienna with some compounds, airfields and other important objects and were tapping. These lines are partially passed through British and French occupation zones. Their detailed study showed that the most convenient point where it was possible to arrange a listening post, is the building of the British military police, just opposite which, literally in the six meters, lies the telephone cable that connects the Soviet headquarters in Vienna, from an airfield in Schwechat. According to the developed plan, from the basement of the police station, was dug a small tunnel is established offshoot of the cable and equipped with necessary office bugging devices record telephone conversations.

The success of the operation, which was given the code name “Conflict” has surpassed all expectations and has inspired organizers to installation of recording equipment on two Soviet communication lines. The second recording device was installed in the building of the British company that traded jewelry. The firm kept afloat thanks to the financial income from exploration and served as a cover. Ladies who visited the shop, and had no idea that right under their feet tape record telephone conversations the higher ranks of the Soviet military headquarters. This action called “Candy.” The third operation “Lord”, was carried out on a luxury villa in an upscale suburb of Vienna, the owners of whom are young married couple, the British investor, who in fact were British intelligence officers. Another listening device was found secret service in the Soviet consulate in London’s Bayswater. During the renovation of the building adjacent to the consulate, dressed in work members of MI-5, drilled the 45-centimeter hole in the wall separating the two buildings. Exit hole was in a conference. There and found a hidden microphone. This bug has worked for six months. The operation also received the code called “Choir”. All these operations are part of the massive intelligence activities under the code name “Silver”, which in the initial period of the Cold War against the Soviet secret services carried out uk.