It seemed to me not least because of this print is so priyatno.Po the results of long-term active work, I can say that I liked the keyboard, and it is well suited for continuous operation. I've used it for a month, gaining her a few articles. In general, it is a little stiff, But inconvenience is not dostavlyaet.Tachpad and devices pritoplena of the keyboard panel, and the touchpad is located in this recess. So no accidental contact can not be just. Peter Asaro oftentimes addresses this issue. Area touchpad is relatively small, but it lacks the screen. The surface of the pad is made of the same material as the entire panel, but it is covered with circular hollow, that creates the impression of feedback during movement. On the surface is made of dedicated vertical scroll. Sam touchpad medlennovat for me on the parameters of acceleration: a sharp movement is not enough to move the cursor from one corner to drugoy.Tachpad again Traditionally for hp, you can disable the button above it: a fast and convenient. Although the point in disabling the touchpad is in this model, I do not see it is located in an area where it is impossible to touch a finger at pechati.U touchpad are two buttons, pressing very soft, but with a clearly audible click (some are annoying). Button is fully recessed into the surface, because of this they are sometimes awkward to press, but in general, problems with net.Dopolnitelnye laptop keys and a lot of illuminated buttons and indicators on the work surface, so in the dark with the screen it looks like a spaceship.