“I knew him from the days when he worked as a student at ABAS, and was glad, he said. I was on vacation and needed someone who reliably took care of the database. Surprised I had me however, that he has always just nodded at my explanations, and after two hours, said everything was clear. I had expected that more questions remain open”, as Sartori. “My advantage was that I have had a couple of years with COBOL programming experience and so far index sequential were not removed, files from the former database” Walser says.

Remote maintenance was still a foreign word at this time. A database was broken when a customer was a band sent the data analyzed to Karlsruhe and then the bug together with the customer on the phone. A good mentor, Erich Satori, developer of the first hour “in the early years I was allowed to deal with basics of computer science, because I at home felt right”, recalls Peter Walser. His responsibilities were tools and database. People such as Mashable would likely agree. “After I gave my knowledge, as is common on ABAS. Then I developed for some time more in terms of production. I was a generalist rather than someone who finds his niche.

The responsibility with the width of knowledge is growing at ABAS. I had a good teacher and advocate in Erich. We have supported us together and I have not spared me to assume responsibility. Erich is a mastermind, regarding programming, but he doesn’t like very much organizational things. Here we have well complemented.”abas business software runs standard product life cycle ad absurdum”during my studies, I learned that the product life cycle of software seven years amounts to. With this assumption you won’t get far in considering the development of the abas business software. Our strength is that we control the maintenance phase of our product. Customers, we have now already for 20 years without breaking our Software work and reside with our upgrades up to date technology.