Probably, this business is not promising, and I therein do not achieve! Business does not work! I will go and tell someone not to plunge Now the actions of man, who explained that such a working Stats: I held 10 meetings and 1 other person interested. Therefore, in order to bring into this business 100 people I should spend 1000 meetings. Its $ 5000 I want to start making money in 1 year. Consequently, every day I should hold 3 meetings. That’s how you explain the essence of our business to his partner, depends on the success of your own business.

For many here can agree. Benefits of this approach to business two-fold: 1) You have to have a real picture of the business and then transmit that vision to their partners. Find and cultivate partners that will share these principles – it is no less important condition for building a successful business than transfer to them the initial information and training in technical skills. 2) Many people do not get the expected results in our business due to the fact that they do not refer to it as a business. They have their ‘deal’, and by leftovers: How, when and how much? And, as you have to When the time How long will Let us once and for all understand: so – do not get! Anyway, not business performance. Anything but business: – Positive communication in emotionally close environment – Moral satisfaction and visibility of personal growth – Imitation of intense activity, etc.